dimanche 30 novembre 2008

Why Intelcar?

All the sectors are affected by the current crisis, of which the automotive one.
Why creating a blog about this topic?

It's, precisely, because there is a crisis in this sector and that thousands of jobs are at stake around the world that we need to look for solutions.
- It's because we noticed, a couple of months ago, the impact on a country GDP of the Brent spot price (150 USD, at its highest level), that we have to build engines that are less greedy, which means being attached to Research & Development.
- It's because the international scientific community, now unanimous, calls more restraint regarding the use of fossil fuels, that the automotive industry has to take interests in environment.
- Lastly, it's because this world crisis should be considered as an opportunity to rethink the place of cars in our societies that this blog is being developed, and must be read. Intelcar offer to discuss these subjects, in "real time", according to the ideas or information going along, and the controversies coming up.

Intelcar, competitive intelligence blog about the automotive industry, is a place of interaction, but also of discussion. Open to everyone, it will be written in French, in English, and more specifically in German and in Spanish. Here, you can share your opinions and bring details. The editorial staff will publish every transmitted texts, provided that they respect the basic rules of civility.
Intelcar was born on December 1st 2008, under the direction of Tarik Mousselmal, as part of a work in the curriculum of the School of Economic Warfare.
This blog is yours. Read it, correct it, criticize it… make it live!

The Intelcar editorial staff

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